Sunday, June 2, 2013

Request Letter for Extension of Probation as Teacher

For teachers, the first three months of probation is crucial. Areas of concern should be address via an appeal letter to the Board of Education before any appraisal for tenure is made.

Dear Education Board,

I would like to request your kind of office for an extension of time to achieve my teacher's license.  The Teachers on Reserve (TOR) for Marymount High School came in too late into the semester and this is conflicting with my review schedule for the upcoming licensure exam for teachers. Unfortunately, my probation period is also coming to an end on May 10, 2013.

I am seriously seeking a permanent position as a faculty member and the licensure exam is all I need to complete the Board requirements prior to my performance review. This is the basis for permanent position.

I am a devoted and dedicated mentor and I feel I am very much qualified for this profession given the time and opportunity. I respectfully appeal to the Board to grant me the necessary extension.

Thank you very much

Sincerely yours,
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