Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sample Charity Fund Drive Letter

Every possible donation to a fund-drive counts, so a solicitation letter outlining the charity's goals and vision can help you get the message across and the support you need. Refer to the sample fund drive solicitation letter below:

Sample Charity Fund Drive Letter:

To Whom It May Concern:
Good day!

My name is Sara M. Roberts, one of the volunteers from the San Marino Child Care Center. As part of our community activities for the year, we are launching a fund drive for outpatient facilities in General Pediatric, Nephrology Clinic, Diet & Nutrition, Neonatal Care and Social Services for the Bay Area Children's Medical Center. In line with this, we are inviting you to become a sponsor in this advocacy project entitled "Help the Babies at the Bay".

The fund drive has been a yearly tradition of the San Marino Child Care Center to reach out into the Bay area community. We would like to present our advocacy project as an opportunity for you to extend your goodwill, by helping in providing better medical facilities for young mothers and mothers on social welfare support.

Should you express interest in making this vision a reality, please do not hesitate to send a reply to this e-mail or through the contact details indicated below.

Sara and Davy M. Roberts

Thank you for your support!

Ms. M. Roberts
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