Thursday, July 18, 2013

Letter Informing Client of Contract Signing Schedule

Sample letter informing a business associate that contracts and agreements are underway.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you coming in last Tuesday to sign our Memorandum of Agreement.

Attached is a a draft of our initial management contracts. Please read them carefully, and if you have any questions, you may email me. I would suggest you go through with your legal adviser on several key clauses (namely the exclusivity and lock-out clauses we have for specific brands).

Auditors from Legalworks, LLC will be finalizing the contracts by next week, so we would appreciate your comments before October 4. We will also require you to send in all pertinent documents such as government-issued permits and a copy of your business license. Please include license and registration numbers, date issued, point of validity dates, etc.) Please send the information by courier as soon as possible.

We will inform you of the date and time of the contract signing once we have everything ready. We are looking forward to start this project with you.

Thank you very much,
Sara Lapland

Business Development Officer

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