Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recommendation Letter for Au Pair

Here is a great example of  Recommendation Letter for Au Pair. You should  modify this  letter according to your purpose.

To Whom It May Concern,

We are a family of five living in the LaBrouste area. We have three kids- Max, Deidre and Camille. They are ages 2, 6 and 8 years old and they can be quite a handful. It was at this time Maman et Bebe, an au pair agency sent us Maria Lutz to stayed with us as an au pair for the next six months. Maria is also a short course student at the Ecole near our residence. It was her first time to live in Paris under a Host Family.

Maria has basic knowledge of French and could communicate easily with my children. As she pursued classes at the University on certain days of the week, she was able to talk and learn French in a conversational manner within those six months. Maria has proven to be a bright, smart and sensitive individual.

My wife and I both managed out boutique business at Montparnasse. The shop would require us to work late and long hours during peak tourists season. Maria was the support we needed in our household during these busy months. She did the housework tasks very well and looked after my children. She takes them to school, prepares their meals and tucks them to bed when we are out late.

Being the caring individual that she is, my children do not hesitate to ask for Maria's help or advice when it comes to school. She is very much like a big sister to all my children. She is respectful of the boundaries and guidelines we set in the household, she is well-mannered and is considerate of our privacy. She has become close to us and we consider her as part of the family.

Having Maria with us made things easier and now that the six months have passed, we surely miss her presence and her warm smile in our kitchen every morning.

We strongly recommend her as an au pair for young kids. I would like to remind you as a host family too that Maria Lutz is also quite young herself, she is only 19 years old yet she has done remarkably well for someone her age to be independent, away from her home, exploring the world and immersing in a different culture altogether. Maria maybe young, but she is also well-adjusted and reliable lady.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or do not hesitate to contact me at this telephone number +222 5555 666

Truly Yours,
Adam and Sally Robberts

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