Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Apology letter for Egging House

Here's a Sample Apology letter for Egging House. You should  modify this apology letter according to your need and situation.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I know that you are highly irritated upon my activities including my yesterday’s activity of egging on your house.

I express my heartiest apologies regarding the same. And I would like to affirm with this letter that another action similar to this would never ever happen on my behalf.

The actual reason for egging your house was the intense haste which your son had created upon the members of this street. Your son being a member of a political party was troubling the members of the street in various possible ways. Whatever the trouble might be, the reason for each of the trouble caused by him has the political party behind it.

However we expected a sure support from your side regarding the welfare of this street. Your son who is now holding a respectable position in the society has not yet changed his activities for even a little extent. We would tolerate for not having given with the facilities which he could have given with the position he holds. But we could not tolerate the actions taken by him against the welfare of the society by cancelling the existing welfare activities.

Hence we planned to make him aware of our haste on him. We have given petitions against him to the relevant officials in both party and the local administration. But no signs of steps taken against our complaint seem to exist. Hence we directly involved in egging his party office.

But egging at your house was done purely unintentional while we were highly emotional. Being residents of the same street which you belong we humbly express our apologies for the egging incident.

Thanking you

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