Sunday, August 18, 2013

Asking for Forgiveness Text Messages

Here are some examples of sms text messages in English asking for forgiveness from someone you respect or love.

there is always room 4 forgiveness
find it in ur heart
& give peace a chance

there's nothing more
2 be done,
you can sulk
& stay angry
but what good
will that do?
U have to accept it
& move on
Things never happen
the way we always
want to in life. But U
can always look at the
bright side & hope
4 D better outcome

Have the courage
2 4give
2 trust
& 2 love again;
That's where hope lies
in a heart that forgives
I am sorry
U know I am
We need 2 talk
& clear the air
Hear me out
that's all I ask.
Please reply
Forgiveness is not lost
on deaf & angry ears
it will find its way
in a wounded heart
ready 2 embrace
second chances

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