Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bon Voyage SmS Text Messages

Texting Bon Voyage doesn't mean saying Goodbye. Send ur well wishes via text now :)

Enjoy the trip!
may U come back all refreshed
& nourished fr ur adventure

Don’t B dismayed @ good-byes
A farewell is necessary
B4 U can meet again.
& meeting again, after moments
or lifetimes, is certain for
those who are friends
— Richard Bach

Where are U going? & when?
Pack light. Stay in touch
just B safe & B happy


Feed ur soul first.
Read a book
See a movie
Travel the world
ur no good otherwise ;-)

Do whatever makes U happy
Its not selfish 2 give time 4 Urself
once in a while. Enjoy Bangkok!

Got the winter blues,
im keen 2 go somewhere
w warmer weather
im keen 2 go w someone
HOT like U


Bon Voyage!
Travel light
keep a map of home
close to ur heart
keep ur eyes open
for all things wonderful
along the way

Tour the world
with a merry spirit
& feast in the bounty
of a new land
Explore & go forward
as ur feet aches with
Bon Voyage!


U will always
have a place 2 stay
U visit this city
call me,
ring me up
when u return!
See U soon!

Bon Voyage!
I'm not good
w goodbyes
just w HELLOs
so till we meet again
my dear friend

Have a safe trip!
Ur in my thoughts
miss yah!

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