Sunday, August 18, 2013

Please Excuse Text Messages

Send Excuse Text Messages to be granted permission for absences at school and at work.

Kindly excuse my son
Abraham for missing school
yesterday. He was sick
with the measles. Thanks


Please excuse Robert
of Class B for missing his
afternoon classes. He had
a dental appointment yesterday
to remove his braces.
Hoping for ur consideration.


I would like to have my daughter
Rebecca Myers excused from class
this afternoon, to attend her
grandfather's funeral.
Thank you very much


Please excuse my son
Nathaniel for his disruptive behavior
in class, he has been under medication
for his allergies and has not been feeling
so well after his antihistamine shots.
Rest assured, he will be less cranky
and cooperative by next week.
Thank you very much


Please excuse Danny
from his Biology class,
we need him to attend piano lessons
today in preparation for the upcoming
recital at the school. Thanks


Please be informed
that I will not be attending
our meeting, please excuse my
tardiness as a result of an eye infection
I have been suffering since
the previous week

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