Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congratulations on your Graduation SMS text messages

Sample Congratulations on your Graduation text messages, send a greeting to a new graduate on their graduation day

on your Graduation
You deserve it!
All those sleepless nights
studying, early mornings
running off to school,
all the UPs & DOWNs
& finally its OVER!
Welcome 2 D real World
Now earn ur keep!
Congratulations on
making your parents proud
on your Graduation Day!
I can just see how happy
they are when U finally get
that diploma!

On your Graduation
U have my best wishes
May God grant you a career
as lasting and as successful
as your parents and peers B4 U
4 passing the mark
& passing the board
4 becoming the professional
we all hope ull be!
Happy Graduation Day!
Congratulations Graduate!
Welcome to the workforce!
Now that ur no longer a student
look after those younger than U
they deserve to be inspired!
Dear Graduate
U R ur family's future
U got this far,
a well deserve triumph
always look forward
2 better & brighter things


Know no bounds dear graduate
Take the career path
ur heart tells U
may U find fulfillment at work
and joy in ur chosen profession
Happy Graduation Day!
Say goodbye to being a student
All that is behind U now
There are greater challenges beyond college
That is keeping a job
while enjoying a home life worth living.
I wish U the best!

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