Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sample Apology Letter for Not Attending Meeting

Here is an example of Apology Letter for Not Attending Meeting. You should  modify this apology letter according to your need and situation.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject – Apology letter for not attending the meeting due to some reasons which have been explained in this letter in detail.

Sir, am sorry for what I have done on the day of meeting and am sorry for the behavior that I have made at the day of meeting. And I know how worse and lazy I was on that day. All these things were been there only because of the previous day work in the office. Thought that was not directly related to the reason it has some indirect way of connection. Anyway I will be clearing that also in the following words.

Actually for saying the reason for my absence for the meeting I need to refer the previous day work and the impact of it in my body. Though this reason looks silly I request you to give some value to the individual feeling and see reason as a valid one. Actually on that day I had a heavy over time in our office since that day was the final day for our project delivery and since that day all were in the neck of the movement I could not leave my team members as such and leave the office on time. So I was waiting for the completion of their work and I was helping them to finish the work on time. And this made a delay for my return to home and nearly by 4 AM only I reached home. And because of the tiredness I could not come to office for the meeting.

I request you to value my feeling and accept this apology.

Thank you,

Yours sincere,


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