Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wish You Success Text Messages

Here we have multiple SMS text messages on wishing success for someone. Success never comes easy, its earned through sheer luck and hardwork, so wish your friends well! They need all the encouragement they can get
Dear John
I wish U success on
all ur journeys
& I hope our paths
will continue to cross.
My best wishes in
all of your endeavors!

U have all my support,
I wish U all the best for this
Wish U success!
wld love 2 see U succeed
U deserve it
after all the hard work
wish you the best in life!
Dear Friend
Keep ur head
held high
don't let things
get u down
Just remember-

"Success is how high
U bounce when
U hit bottom."
- General George Patton
I'm happy 2 hear that friend!
Keep fulfilling ur dreams
& make every single day count

Success is just within ur reach


4get about the people
who want 2 see U fail
never stop believing in urself
never 4get to dream big
Always remember-

"A man is not finished
when he is defeated.
He is finished
when he quits."
- Richard Nixon
Wish u well
as you journey
towards the land
of milk & honey
full of hope & dreams,
go on living
with courage & love
and with the desire
to always want
the best in life.
may God grant u
the things u strive for
in this lifetime
and may u find
the grace to thank Him
when u wake up
blessed with this success.


Never 4get ur moment of struggle
this will fuel ur passion
for an eternity. Each of us
deserves to see our dreams come
into fruition. Wish U the best!

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