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cover letter for student teaching application

This is a cover letter template for student teaching position. Make modifications to this letter to be useful for your purpose.

COVER LETTER to apply for student teaching (SUBMIT 3 COPIES)

Your Street Address
City, State and Zip Code
Phone# Number
e-mail address
February 10, 2013 (current date)

 (A final cover letter would also include the name, title, and address of the person you
are sending the cover letter to in this area.)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms (school administrator, principal, and/or cooperating teacher):

First Paragraph: I am writing to request a student teaching placement within your school/school district. My teacher licensure will be _______________ (example: Elementary major and a specialty in Mathematics). I am very interested in __________________ (example: grades one to three; upper elementary; middle school; high school), but I am willing to gain teaching experience in other grades as well.

Second paragraph: Use this paragraph to briefly explain what lead you to choose teaching for a career (an event, teacher, relative). Briefly describe the greatest strength you will bring into the classroom. This might be practicums, past employment, etc. How can you be a benefit to the school? Briefly express what you expect to gain from the student teaching experience.

Third paragraph: Enclosed is my resume for your review and consideration. I welcome the opportunity for an interview to further discuss my qualifications and background to become a student teacher within your school system. I can be reached at _________ (phone#) and __________ (e-mail). I look forward to the student teaching  experience and talking with you soon.

Your signature
Your name typed

No paragraph indents
Letter should be vertically centered on the page

Second Paragraph Details

Explain how you are the ideal candidate for a student teaching position in their school
system. Do not repeat the information on your resume. Instead include something
special or unique about yourself that will benefit the school. The reader will consider
this an example of your writing skills.

Sample paragraphs below illustrate responses to the following questions:

• What lead you to choose teaching for a career-----
• Greatest strength you will bring to the classroom-----
• Expectations you hope to gain from the experience------
A high school teacher had the greatest influence in the way they nurtured my confidence and individuality and guided me in planning my educational goals. I have worked with children in various settings and feel I can bring patience, respect, and support into the classroom. I hope to acquire knowledge from the cooperating teacher's  experience and classroom methods motivating me to be the best teacher I can be.

I have experience working with children at the local library in the summer reading program. I worked at a daycare with children ages three to ten as a teacher’s assistant. It was enjoyable to work with them to develop their reading, writing and artistic skills throughout the year. What I learned from these experiences will be the greatest strengths I will bring to the classroom. I expect my cooperating teacher to be my mentor, guiding me and teaching me what I need to become an excellent classroom I enjoyed many of my teachers, especially those who had a sense of humor and inspired students to succeed. I learned a lot from sports such as setting and achieving goals, competition, and the importance of physical activity in everyday life. I have had hands on experience working as an intern/teacher assistant with the adapted physical education teacher at Steven’s Crossing. It has been by far the best experience I have  ever had. I hope to take the knowledge and experience I have learned to teach students the importance of physical education and living a healthy lifestyle.
During my senior year of high school, I peer tutored for a sixth grade class. The students were enjoyable and it was rewarding when a student understood what I was trying to teach them. My positive attitude toward life experiences and my willingness to  try new ideas are my greatest strengths. I hope to gain experience working inside the  classroom on a daily basis observing teachers as they deal with different situations.
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