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Practicum cover letter sample

We heave here a simple Practicum cover letter. You have to make required modifications to this letter to be useful for your purpose.

7896 Heart Court ~ Maple Tree, CA ~ (323) 456-7890 ~

November 1, 2011

Dr. Angela Flame
Pepperdine Community Counseling Clinic
18111 Von Karman Avenue
Irvine, CA 92612

Dear Dr. Flame:

I am applying for the practicum position listed with the clinical training office at Pepperdine University. As you will see from my attached resume, I am currently enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Pepperdine  University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

My extensive experience servicing children and families has affirmed my interest in working with this population. In my  current position at The Girls Empowerment Center, I utilize my interpersonal and therapeutic skills to foster a supportive

relationship in group therapy with teen and pre-teen groups to enhance their self-esteem. In addition, my past experience as a teacher demonstrates my responsibility, dedication, and leadership skills. In this position, I also collaborated with supervisors and colleagues to create beneficial programs that met the children’s needs. Along with my professional experience, my abilities to be empathic, open-minded, and uphold appropriate boundaries demonstrate the combination of  professional and personal qualities that I would contribute to your clinic.

After researching the Pepperdine Community Counseling Clinic, I have learned that your mission is to help children,  adolescents, adults, couples, and families, providing them with opportunities to achieve a better life and to educate them  in becoming healthy individuals. I am dedicated to helping individuals from diverse backgrounds and believe that I will be  a great asset to your team.

I am currently looking to enhance my therapeutic skills and to utilize my education and previous experiences to help others. Moreover, the clinical training program offered by the Pepperdine Community Counseling Clinic would provide  me with the opportunity to make a difference in the community. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications  with you and can be contacted at (323) 456-7890 or Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paprika P. Covletter

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