Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cover Letter example for Babysitter

Qualified for a babysitting job? Here's a cover letter on how to introduce your babysitting skills to a potential employer in your neighbourhood. You should modify this cover letter according to your experience and qualifications.

Dear Madam,

I have previously worked as a babysitter in the Galveston neighbourhood, taking care of children mostly under 5 years of age. Personally, I enjoy babysitting and I plan to be a kindergarten teacher after graduating from college this fall.

I will take excellent care of your children for you. As I am very patient, cheerful and reliable. I also like playing games with children and keeping them entertained. I am used to preparing meals and cleaning up messes after meals or playtime. I am very mindful of child safety and I always prioritize their well-being before mine. I also have a certificate in First Aid training from the Red Cross.

Please call me at 900-600-1846 if you live in the fremont or south bay area and are in need of help. I will gladly provide references and more information when you call me up for a meeting.

Thank you very much,
Maria Smith

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