Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recruitment Letter Sample

Here we see examples of recruitment letter. You have to  modify and customize the recruitment letter according to your need and purpose.

Sample Recruitment Letter 1

Dear Adam,


Employers are always in search for fresh resumes and profiles for their best offerings, which means you need to constantly update your profile, to surface at the top of the list. This in turn will not just get you better offers but also a list of them to choose from. So hurry up, because as they say, early bird gets the worm.

So please send us an updated version of your resume.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely,

Sample Recruitment Letter 2


Dear [contact person]

I am a recruiter for the [name] Fire Department. Our Department is hiring for the position of firefighter and I am disseminating information about this opportunity.

Firefighting requires candidates who are team players, self-motivated, physically fit, enjoy working with people, and are determined to succeed at whatever they do. My Fire Department is actively seeking candidates including women and minorities.

Prerequisites for the position of firefighter include the following: [age], [education], [EMT or paramedic license], [residence], [firefighter certifications], [CA Driver’s License], and [other]. I would like to schedule a time to visit your campus [or facility] to discuss this opportunity and distribute literature. If a visit is not possible, please distribute the enclosed brochures and display the posters in an appropriate location.

Firefighting is an exciting and rewarding career. I am sure that many of your students [or clients] would be interested in this career and ultimately find satisfaction as a firefighter, if they are made aware of the opportunity.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please contact me at your earliest availability to discuss potential recruitment efforts. I am available at [phone number or email].

[name and position]
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