Thursday, July 18, 2013

Employment Voluntary Termination Letter

Here is a sample employment voluntary termination Letter . You should  modify this letter according to your need and situation.

Dear Employees,

The Voluntary Termination policy applies to all employees of Yardsale, LLC. as follows:

You must notify the immediate supervisor in writing at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date of resignation. This allows ample time to process your employee clearance and to avail of all your remaining employee benefits.

Your resignation may be withheld for any administrative unresolved cases pending with the Human Resources Department. For resignations due to migration to other countries, the 30-day period may be waived if employee is able to present VISA, passport and immigration papers.

An employee who resigns without due notice shall be held liable for any legal damages covering expenses incurred in abandoning projects or work delays due to unauthorized resignation.

Employee resignation can only be marked complete once an exit interview with the Human Resources Officer has taken place.

Please consider this an important advisory.

Best Regards,
Sydney Foss
Human Resources Officer

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