Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Apology letter for Education Loan Request

Here is a Sample apology letter for Education Loan Request. You should  modify this apology letter according to your need and situation.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I believe that the way in which I have acted upon you would have discomforted you to a greater extent. But I would humbly request you to understand my situation for standing against you while applying for my educational loan.

I am a resident of this city studying a bachelor’s degree program in engineering in a reputed institute located in this city. Since it is a private institution, I had to pay a huge amount which I didn’t even expect of paying for continuing my studies in college. My family savings was enough only to pay the initial fees. While planning for a way to pay the rest of the fees for the remaining semesters, we came to know that the government has issued a special order for all banks to sanction educational loans without any delay.

So, by knowing this we approached a private bank in our locale. But they refused me of educational loans saying some reasons after making several visits with my father. Also I had to take a plenty of leave from my college for the very same reason. Finally, they redirected me to your bank saying that you are a government undertaken bank and that I will be surely sanctioned with educational loans.

I approached your branch for my educational loan three weeks past. But the officials working in your bank show a similar face upon me like the previous bank. I fear that I might get attendance shortage in this semester due to this. So in order to make you aware of my request I have made a complaint on you being the branch manager for delaying my loan request.

Thanking you

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