Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sample Apology Letter for Incorrect Billing

Here is a Sample Apology Letter for Incorrect Billing. You should  modify this apology letter according to your need and situation.


The Sales Person,

Ready Made Shop,

XYZ city.


The Manager,

Ready Made Shop,

XYZ city.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Apology letter for incorrect billing- reg.

I am working as a salesperson in your shop for more than 5 years till date. I have got frequent appreciations and recognitions from the management that I am an experienced staff of the shop and I stay well verse in handling the customers.

I kindly remind you that there has never been a problem due to my work in this shop till now. But the incident which happened yesterday evening which rose due to an incorrect billing for a foreign customer in our shop is a black mark in my service and will stay reminded in my heart for my lifetime.

I am shocked that the management also mistook that the problem is due to my unawareness. But it is ok. I am not displeased with those regulatory measures that you have dismissed me from your shop. But it is my bound duty to explain what happened exactly to prove the justice in my side.

First of all the person who was the source of this problem is the foreign customer. She had spoken in a foreign language. She didn’t have English knowledge. I and the customer literally had no means of vocal communication. The communication between us was through gestures. She initially approved 4 sarees and gestured me to bill them. But at the delivery counter due to some accidental mistake, the billing person had billed for 6 sarees due to someone selection of 2 sarees mixed with that 4 sarees while billing, it was recorded in our shop’s CCTV. But it went as a problem which reflected on me whilst the customer shouted annoyingly and left without purchase.

I hope that if you see the CCTV recordings, you would be in a position to understand that I am helpless at that situation and I humbly request you accept my sincere apologies for whatever happened and permit me to continue my job in this company by dismissing the punishments upon me.

Thanking you.

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