Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sample marketing letter to introduce new product

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Food has always been my passion. After a stint in a commissary that produces pastries for a popular coffee chain, I decided to fire up my oven and invest in my own pastry business. My pastries come in a variety of delectable flavors - chocolate, mocha, vanilla-pecan, cheese and banana.

I like to add a little artistry to my baked goodies, they are a combination of the culinary and visual arts. My company [Company name] has basically grew from word-of-mouth advertising, most of my customers are moms with kids and school cafeterias. I also do big orders for weddings, company functions and birthday parties.

This coming Monday market at the [place], my pastries will be on sale at booth #12. Hope you can come and have a taste test of my delicious treats. If you are interested to place a big order, you may call me at [phone number]. I can prepare the pastry boxes two days ahead of time.

Jack M. Watson

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