Monday, April 8, 2013

Words of Support and Encouragement SMS texts

Words of encouragement via SMS txt message. You don't have to go through tough times alone.

Dear Friend,
I know U R not
that religious
but ryt now
I offer U words
from my faith
to renew ur spirit
at this troubling hour-

And all things U ask

in prayer, believing,
U will receive

Matthew 21:22


It will come, I promise!


Y R U being this silly?
Uve been in far worse
spots than this
stop crying like a baby
& pick ur self up!
That's the best advice
I can ever give U!


Go get 'em tiger!
U got it in U
let 'em here yah


Go for it.
Enjoy the ride!
I believe U got
what it takes
2 succeed!


Go to sleep my dear
no use fretting over shit
that U have no control of
whatsoever! Let a new day
bring U new hope
and lots a courage
to face all ur troubles!


If U abide in Me,
& My words abide in U,
ask whatever U wish,
& it will be done 4 U
John 15:7

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