Saturday, May 11, 2013

Invitation Letter for Student Visa

Sample request letter for student visa to facilitate extracting the student visa fro m the embassy or consulate. You should modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose and situation.

To Whom It May Concern,

We do hereby inform the Consular Service that [Name] has been accepted for a scholarship at the [Insert University Name].

[Name] born on [birth date] and from [country of origin] is to carry out a period of studies under the [insert educational program] starting on (day/month/year) and ending on (day/month/year).

The student was awarded a monthly subsistence grant in the amount of [insert amount]. The student will receive proper accommodation guaranteed by [Insert University Name].

The student has been informed that he/she must request a study visa at the closest embassy consular services of his/her place of origin or residence, unless he/she is of a nationality that does not require a visa.

I am appealing to your good faith and asking the persons responsible for the Consular Service to whom this letter is being presented, to kindly facilitate the granting of the study visa that is being requested.

Best Regards,
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